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Hibiscus Island Home™ is proud to welcome Mr. Sam Szabla.

Mr. Sam Szabla will assume the position of Exclusive Executive Designer. Hibiscus Island Home™ will also be the exclusive retailer of the Sam Szabla Home Collection for North America. Along with his design talents he is also bringing Hibiscus Island Home™ the North American Distribution of the Boxfurd Cotton Collection. We are certain that this partnership Mr. Szabla will be advantageous  to all the HIH™ clientele. 

Staff Designers

Staff Designers

From Inspiration to Completion Hibiscus Island Home™ can make your design dream come true.
Whether you get your inspiration from a magazine, a fabric swatch or a friend,  our talented staff will guide you every step of the way and make your dream a reality.
Always, at HIH™, we will begin with a one on one consultation. We have the experience and expertise to listen and visualize your project. We’ll use colors and fabrics to coordinate with you.
Once we have the right ingredients, we can, at your request, handle every part of the installation. From paint to kitchens, rugs and drapes, windows to furniture. We can custom fabricate and design everything in the project and have it professionally installed as per your requirements.
We understand that not all projects are the same scale. You may want to design an entire house or make minor changes to a room. For this reason we offer different levels of design assistance.  Our in store staff designers can help you select and coordinate fabrics and furnishings. For more involved projects our certified HIH™ designers will go to your home and offer fabric swatches, catalogs, samples and any other materials to help you realize your dream. Our initial design consultations are always free and always a pleasure.

Consultation Requests

You can contact us at or through our contact form.